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Innovating Hair Reconstruction

Transplanted Grafts

By 2023, our founder had already harvested and successfully transplanted over one million grafts.

14 Years of Experience

Due to personal experience, our founder, Alternative Medicine Practitioner Halil Senguel, has been engaged in the issues of hair loss and hair transplantation for over 14 years. Initially starting as a consultant and hair transplantation technician in 2009, he has been practicing as a Hair Transplant Specialist with his own clinic in this field since 2014.

Combining Various FUE Methods

From 2009 to 2014, Halil Senguel collaborated with internationally recognized doctors and clinics in the field of hair transplantation. Leveraging this experience, he developed a unique FUE extraction technique that minimizes tissue removal while effectively harvesting the hair stem cell.

From Traditional Hair Transplant Methods to Innovations in Hair Reconstruction

Our Practice

The Genesis of rehaar®

Initially launched as a sole proprietorship, we have been refining and advancing the minimally invasive hair reconstruction technique since 2009, over more than a decade. Our goal: to provide the gentlest treatment possible for our clients while achieving the best and most natural outcome with sustainably natural hair.

Launch in Bavaria

After already ten successful years, initially as a consultant and as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner in the market, with satisfied patients, we decided in 2020, due to increasing demand, to expand our business to form ReHaar® GmbH & Co. KG.

Initially located in Bad Tölz, Bavaria, the company started with a structure where Halil Senguel, the head and leading expert of the company, performed hair reconstructions as a hair transplantation technician under medical supervision.

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Expansion in Düsseldorf

However, the need for larger and more specific facilities soon arose, prompting us in 2023 to move to completely new clinic premises, meeting the highest hygienic and health standards, in Düsseldorf. Located very close to Königsallee, this provided the conditions for the developer of the rehaar® hair reconstruction method, Halil Senguel, to resume performing treatments completely independently as a Hair Transplant Specialist since September 2023. He is supported by our professional team, consisting of medical staff and trained hair transplantation assistants.

We train our assistants in-house to introduce them from the start to the highest level of difficulty, ensuring they meet our required quality standards.

Halil Senguel während einer Besprechung
Highest Standards

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, which is why we dedicate considerable time to each procedure. Treatments are carried out in the intimate setting of our modernly equipped practice by a small team and typically last between three to four days. This extended timeframe allows us to achieve a more natural result for you—without significant, visible scarring.


A Few Examples of Our Results

Patient nach Transplantation
After hair transplant rehaar bold old men transformation
Vorher und Nachher Bild Tonsur Behandlung
Patient 12 Monate nach Transplantation
Patient 12 Monate nach Transplantation
Patient 8 Monate nach Transplantation
Patient Endergebnis Barttransplantation
Patient 12 Monate nach Transplantation
Ergebniss nach Haartransplantation
Patient 12 Monate nach Transplantation
Ergebnis nach einer Haartransplantation

Our Innovation

With meticulous attention to fine detail and a time commitment that is unmatched, our methodology resembles micro-art while always adhering to the highest medical standards.

Our focus is on minimally invasive, personalized treatments. Based on your current hair situation, we precisely tailor the procedure to meet your needs.

Our expertise has convinced discerning clients from various sectors for many years, including business, politics, and media. Additionally, our client base includes international customers from countries such as Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.




The image illustrates our work, immediately after the third procedure for a client (Before: Hamilton-Norwood Scale NW5A, significant hair loss).



The topic of hair transplantation has long been a personal concern for our founder

Hair Transplant Specialist Halil Senguel experienced hair loss at an early age and was left with a visible scar from a procedure. This experience motivated him to advocate for better treatment methods and to advance developments in the field of hair reconstruction. The result is the minimally invasive rehaar® treatment method.

An investor and shareholder of today also underwent the hair reconstruction procedure using this method and, convinced by the results, subsequently invested in the company rehaar®.

In addition to our main focus on innovative hair reconstruction—for beards and eyebrows as well—we also offer other non-invasive cosmetic treatments. These include facelifting, skin tightening, microneedling-radiofrequency (RF), permanent hair removal, and the treatment of age-related and environmental pigmentation spots using medical devices.

Just as with hair reconstruction, we place the highest importance on quality for our cosmetic treatments for our clients. Therefore, we exclusively use the most premium equipment in the cosmetics industry.

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Transplanted hairs do not change their genetic properties. This means that if the donor areas turn gray, the transplanted hairs will naturally turn gray as well.

If crusts have formed, they typically fall off after about ten days. It then takes approximately three to four weeks for the transplanted hair follicles to be shed by the tissue, as they are disconnected from the blood supply and are dead tissue. Note that we only transplant hair stem cells, which initially remain in a resting phase.

The procedure resets them to a state similar to that of a newborn. The time it takes for the hair to fully develop can be likened to the growth of an infant.

After transplantation, the hair stem cells connect to the blood supply and begin producing new hair, initially visible as vellus hair, after two to three months. Depending on the hair structure, a visible outcome can be seen from the sixth month onwards. A satisfactory appearance is usually achievable after about 12 months, but it can take 24 months or longer for the final result to be realized, as the hairs must go through various growth cycles.

Yes, a hair transplant is permanent. A crucial factor is the carefully considered donor area. The extraction is performed only in a safe area, known as the hair wreath or donor ring. This area is characterized by its longevity, as most people do not lose hair in this region even in advanced age. The hairs taken from this area retain their genetic properties and are not prone to falling out. As long as the hair wreath remains intact, the transplanted hairs will permanently remain.



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