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Consultation for Treatment

Drawing from years of experience for the optimal treatment strategy

Initial consultation

Holistic preparatory discussion

The aim of our consultation is not only to answer your questions but also to educate your perspective. Clients who haven’t delved deeply into the topic of hair transplantation often make hasty and sometimes incorrect decisions due to lack of knowledge. In addition to the anamnesis discussion led by Heilpraktiker Halil Senguel, rehaar® addresses questions about hair transplantation that potential patients may not have even considered yet. This comprehensive information ensures a better assessment of your individual case.

Sekretärin bespricht Plan mit Patienten

Preparation for the preliminary examination

Thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo. Please refrain from using products such as hair fibers (e.g., Toppik), concealer, gel, or hairspray, as these need to be removed from the hair before the examination. In case you wear a hairpiece, please remove it the evening before the examination and instead wear a cap. However, feel free to bring your hairpiece along, as we can also provide advisory support regarding this based on our own experiences.



Besprechung einer Behandlung mit Patienten

Relevant Questions Regarding the Treatment

In most cases, hereditary factors influence individual hair loss. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the status of your hair, we require information about your family history. The condition of the hair of your biological parents and other relatives plays an important role. The more information you provide, the more accurately we can create your personalized treatment plan, ensuring its long-term effectiveness. If available and permitted, you are welcome to bring photos of your relatives as internal reference material. Rest assured that we will treat the photos confidentially.

Besprechung des Behandlungsablauf

Consultation and Medical History with Heilpraktiker Halil Senguel

As part of the pre-planning phase for your minimally invasive hair reconstruction, you will undergo a consultation session to ensure comprehensive care throughout the treatment process.

During this session, Heilpraktiker Halil Senguel will conduct a medical history interview, gathering information about any allergies, underlying medical conditions, and current medications you may be taking. This thorough assessment allows us to tailor the treatment to your specific needs and ensure your safety and well-being throughout the procedure.

Please be punctual and plan to spend at least an hour at rehaar®. If you have any questions, please write them down beforehand so that we can address them after the consultation and preliminary examination, ensuring that all uncertainties are resolved.

The examination may take up to two hours in some cases.

Please consider this if you’re traveling by public transport or taxi.

The cost for a consultation session is 100.00 euros (including VAT) per hour.

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