Hair Transplantation Correction

Limitless Opportunities

A Breakthrough in Hair Transplant Correction

Welcome to one of the most inspiring success stories from our practice. Discover the transformative journey of a patient whose hope for fuller hair was nearly lost after undergoing six unsuccessful hair transplantations. Thanks to our expertise and the advanced FUE method, we were able to achieve the seemingly impossible by successfully transplanting a total of 6000 grafts (including 500 grafts from beard hair) in three steps.

This success story highlights the possibilities of modern hair transplants and the profound human experience of renewal. As a naturopath and self-taught practitioner in the science of hair transplantation, we at rehaar are proud to push boundaries and help our patients achieve a new sense of life.


Please note that we experienced minor audio issues at the beginning of the video. We recommend sticking around as the story that follows is both inspiring and enlightening.

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Priority for correction patients

We understand the unique situation of patients in need of correction procedures. You may have already traveled a long road, marked by hopes and disappointments. That’s why at rehaar®, we place great importance on providing special attention and priority to people who are seeking a solution for previously unsatisfactory results.

This commitment stems not only from our professional expertise but also from a deep personal understanding and compassion for your situation. Everyone who comes to us deserves the best care and the best possible outcome, but we recognize that those who have already faced a discouraging path need a special kind of hope and support.

We are here to offer you not only outstanding performance but also a sympathetic ear and a profound understanding of your individual journey.

Discretion and Anonymity

To provide you with a worry-free experience, we offer anonymous access to our clinic. Your visit remains confidential, allowing you to fully focus on your treatment without worrying about your privacy.

Please let us know in advance so we can provide you with anonymous access to our clinic.

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