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From Traditional Hair Transplantation to Hair Reconstruction


How It All Began

Driven by his own experiences and a passion for the field of hair care, our founder, Halil Senguel, began working in the niche segment of hair transplantation for various clinics and doctors across Europe and the USA at the beginning of 2009.

Through his expertise, he soon assisted with various procedures in addition to his consulting work, and over time, his skills drew the attention of other clinics. This exposure allowed him to learn from internationally successful doctors at various institutes and observe that each clinic employed its own unique techniques—some more successful than others.

This collaboration highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of the respective treatments, enabling our founder to amalgamate the positive aspects of all these different procedures into a new method.


The Innovative Hair Reconstruction Method by rehaar®

With the establishment as a sole proprietorship and a private practice as an alternative medical practitioner in naturopathy in Düsseldorf, the business initially began in the field of hair transplantation. Due to legal regulations, such as restricted access to prescription medications, a gentle and less invasive method had to be developed and applied.

This necessity turned into an opportunity that became groundbreaking. The new treatment methods significantly reduced the physical strain and health risks for patients.

Today, the extensive experience of our founder in hair transplantation forms the foundation of our company. Under his leadership as an alternative medical practitioner and developer of the rehaar® method, he is supported by our professional team, consisting of medical staff and in-house trained hair transplantation technicians.

All procedures are conducted under the highest medical standards, and he has successfully trained specialists in the rehaar® hair transplantation methodology.

Mitarbeiter bei der Behandlung eines Patienten
Mitarbeiter beim sortieren der Grafts nach Beschaffenheit

It is important to mention that a hair reconstruction treatment is not only physically demanding for the patients but also for the practitioner. Due to the significant time commitment in our practice, we can achieve the best possible and most natural results. This is why the rehaar® treatment team consists of several professionally trained staff members, rather than just one individual. This structure forms the foundation for a focused and efficient hair reconstruction process.

Before each procedure, a comprehensive medical history discussion takes place. Our goal is always to determine the optimal treatment approach with the patients. Hair transplantation is a sensitive topic for many people, and providing accurate information is not only important for health reasons but also from ethical and personal perspectives. Proper education is crucial and essential before any potential treatment.

Experience and Advancement

The rehaar® Method

FUE hair transplantation is not all the same. The rehaar® method is based on Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE). Besides a day of pre-planning, several treatment days are required for the actual procedure:

From extraction to transplantation, hair reconstruction can be spread over two to four days and can take up to 40 hours, depending on the complexity. The harvest of potentially transplantable hairs depends on the condition of the donor area of the client.

Due to the even and detailed extraction around the head, for example, to facilitate the restoration of a crown (as in the case of a bald spot), patients need to allocate approximately four days for the procedure.

This extra effort ultimately results in improved visual naturalness of the outcome. Including preparation, a treatment may therefore consist of five working days. One reason for this is the use of very fine instruments, requiring the constant wearing of binocular loupe glasses (5x magnification) during the procedure. This enables the precise extraction described earlier and significantly reduces invasiveness.

Through years of experience and advancement of this minimally invasive method in the field of hair reconstruction by rehaar®, bleeding is significantly reduced, leading to fewer to no crusts forming. As a result, the hair transplantation is practically invisible to an untrained eye. It typically resembles shaved hair with redness, depending on the condition of the scalp. With this treatment concept, there is usually no swelling either.



The image shows immediately after the extraction, with the fine instruments causing minimal tissue damage (minimal bleeding) due to the small punch size.

Rehaar Donor unmittelbar nach der Entnahme, Fokus auf die FUE-Punch größe und unsichtbarkeit nach nur wenige Tage
Vorbereitung Haartransplantation bei rehaar
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