Hair Transplant

Your Path to Fuller, Natural Hair

The hair reconstruction methodology developed by rehaar® combines the positive aspects of various procedures into a new, innovative method.

Draufsicht direkt nach der Op

Through meticulous attention and years of experience with a diverse range of candidates, rehaar® stands for precision and natural results. The time-intensive procedure is akin to micro-art, striving for the best possible outcomes.

What does micro-art have to do with a minimally invasive procedure?

This comparison is thought-provoking. A precisely tailored treatment involving the maximum possible extraction, combined with the optimal distribution or arrangement of individual hair follicles, is essential for a satisfying procedure.

Factors such as graft quality, growth direction, and the angle of implantation must be considered in the long-term overall image to ensure that the final illusion of density meets the highest standards. This is indispensable.

This specially developed minimally invasive procedure embodies the concept of micro-art surgery coined by rehaar®, fulfilling our patients’ desires for fuller, and most importantly, natural hair.

The image shows our work immediately after the procedure.



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