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Geheimratsecken Haartransplantation

Cost of a Hair Transplant

The pricing of a hair transplant procedure is determined by the extraction time and the size of the slits. However, these two components must be realistically related to each other.

What are slits?

These are the newly made openings or slots into which the previously extracted grafts are inserted. New transplanted hairs grow from these slits.

The following rules always apply:

  • The finer the slits, also called micro-slits, opened in the scalp, the longer the procedure takes.

For the areas of the hairline and temples, it is essential to open the slits particularly finely, as only very precise micro-slits and the obtained very fine hairs, or grafts, can achieve natural results. We apply the lateral slit technique for our treatments.

  • Not all hairs are the same, as they differ in structure, volume, strength, and texture in different body regions.

The extraction area, also called the donor, and the area to be transplanted are therefore different zones. Natural results can only be achieved by considering neighboring zones of the extraction areas and the area to be transplanted.

This means that, for example, we never transplant the extracted grafts (which contain one or possibly several hair follicles, e.g., 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s grafts, etc.) from the donor (hair crown, back of the head) directly to the hairline, temples, or eyebrows, but only “locally.” In this case, the grafts are transplanted, for example, at the crown or behind the hairline – each in the appropriate areas due to the respective hair properties.

Thus, a natural transplantation in the areas of the hairline, temples, or eyebrows can only be reconstructed with very fine follicles.

The two images show a customer before and after the procedure at rehaar®.

Ergebniss nach Haartransplantation

How is the illusion of density created?

Two Examples Compared: transplantation, with the same density per cm² and the same hair quality, but with a different number of grafts:

Case Example:

3000 grafts, with an unnatural growth/fall angle and an average follicle of 1.3 hairs per graft, result in 3900 hairs = low density illusion


In the first example, the low total number of hairs results in an inadequate density. Additionally, the incorrect growth/fall angle of the transplanted hairs leads to a high concentration of light on the scalp, preventing a density illusion (law of reflection).

Case example:

1500 grafts with a natural growth/fall angle and an average follicle of 2.3 hairs per graft result in 3450 hairs = higher density illusion.


In the second example, despite a lower total number of hairs, a natural and denser result is achieved. Due to the naturally falling hair, less light can penetrate down to the scalp. This reduces the reflection surface of the scalp, resulting in a better density illusion.

For a natural result, the following aspects are equally relevant:

  • Transplantation of the optimal graft (strength, texture, positioning, and number of hairs per graft)
  • The natural growth/fall angle
  • The size of the placed micro-slits (cork effect)
  • Sustainable donor management (preserving the donor area for future treatments)

The effort determines the costs

For cost calculation, we deliberately do not base it on the number of grafts, but rather on the total effort involved, for the reasons mentioned above.

  • A complex repair treatment, with the same number of grafts, always requires a different amount of time compared to a procedure for a patient being treated for the first time.
  • Reconstruction of the crown is always more labor-intensive than reconstruction of the temples.

Our treatment method is not only unique but also highly demanding for the practitioner. Each session can take up to 40 hours or more, spread across several days within a week. During this phase, our clinic is dedicated exclusively to a single patient, closing its doors to others. Given the intensity of this process, our practitioners also need time to recover. Therefore, we exclusively treat one patient every second or third week. We ask our patients not to compare us with average clinics that may complete hair transplantations in just a few hours. Our practice offers an unparalleled level of exclusivity. This exclusivity is reflected in our pricing, but our clients, especially those who have undergone corrections, truly value the personalized care and results we provide.

For the reasons mentioned above, the total costs can only be discussed and determined individually during an in-person or online consultation and anamnesis (not via email or phone).

The consultation/anamnesis fee is a flat rate of 100.00 EUR, including VAT. The session typically lasts for one hour.

Feel free to call or message us to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Vorher und Nachher Bild Tonsur Behandlung


Is your question not listed here? Please contact us. We’re happy to assist you.

Booking an appointment for hair reconstruction is only possible with a deposit equivalent to 30% of the treatment cost.



  • A hair transplant is not covered by health insurance.
  • The treatment is subject to value-added tax (as of 2024, 19%).



In case of cancellation of a confirmed treatment appointment, the following cancellation fees will be charged:

  • Up to 61 days before the treatment: 30% of the treatment costs
  • From the 60th to the 31st day before the treatment: 50% of the treatment costs
  • From the 30th day before the treatment: 75% of the treatment costs
  • On the day of the treatment or in case of non-appearance, 100% of the treatment costs will be retained.
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