Patient nach Haartransplantation

Yesterday hair transplant, today hair reconstruction.

At rehaar®, our passion infuses every collaboration with our patients.

Through the dedication of our patients and our expertise, a masterpiece of hair artistry is created, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in hair reconstruction. This teamwork between our patients and the rehaar® team is the key to innovative results that exceed all expectations.

Our Mission and Method

Welcome to rehaar®

rehaar® is a distinguished center for hair reconstruction led by Halil Senguel, an experienced naturopath (Heilpraktiker). Motivated by personal experiences with an unsatisfactory hair transplant, he developed a minimally invasive technique that is particularly gentle and fully preserves the stem cells in the hair follicles. This innovative method combines his personal experience with expertise to deliver superior hair reconstruction results.

The rehaar® Technique

Our method combines the best aspects of various hair transplantation techniques and is characterized by:

  • Minimal Tissue Removal: This technique not only reduces scalp stress but also minimizes overall body strain. This leads to a much gentler and more pleasant healing process, enhancing the overall treatment experience.
  • Stem Cell Preservation: Our method focuses on carefully extracting hair stem cells. Precise plucking supports the hair growth potential in the donor area, forming an essential foundation for future-oriented hair transplants.
  • Innovative Procedures: Continuous development for optimal results.

Personalized Care

We offer customized care provided by an experienced team and the latest technologies. Each treatment is individually planned and executed to achieve the best possible results. Our clinic in Düsseldorf spans 300 square meters and is equipped with the latest technology to meet the highest hygienic and medical standards. During treatment, we dedicate ourselves exclusively to one patient to ensure the highest concentration and quality.

Cosmetic Treatments

In addition to hair transplants, we also offer minimally invasive cosmetic treatments such as microneedling and laser therapies. These treatments adhere to the same high standards as our hair reconstructions and offer comprehensive solutions for skin and hair.



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